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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Your Websites Cost?

That is one of the first questions most people ask! Some website design firms start pricing as little as $200 for a basic, simple website with 6 pages. More complex websites will vary in price depending on their complexity and the features required.

 Depending on the simplicity or complexity of your particular website project, the costs can vary considerably. Rather than quoting for generic, "cookie cutter" websites, we prefer to interact with you first and learn about your project and then advise you what it would cost to accomplish the goals you have for your particular website.

We provide a totally free, no obligation, consultation service, so it will cost you absolutely nothing to find out what you project might cost. You owe it to yourself to obtain all the facts so that you can make the very best, informed decision that will meet your needs and work to your complete satisfaction.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Website?

The time required to design and create your website can be as brief as 3-4 weeks. This type of time frame usually applies to websites that are rather simple in design and have less than (10) total pages. However, if you’ve done your homework in advance and are very well prepared, the time frame can certainly be shortened.

For more in-depth websites, the time to complete a project will be extended.

Does Our Full House Web Design Provide Website Hosting?

No, we don’t. However, we do have a solid recommendation for a website host that we believe delivers exceptional service. If you’re interested in speed, reliability and overall performance of your website, we highly recommend SiteGround. All of our own websites are hosted exclusively on SiteGround.

Can I Use My Own Hosting?

This is another great question! Sure you can.

However, we’ve used a number of different website hosts over the years and have come to the firm conclusion that if you want to achieve excellent results for your website hosting needs, SiteGround is the website host we will highly encourage you to use.

We have a solid relationship with SiteGround and feel confident that their hosting service is top notch. Actually, the CMS platform that we develop websites with is optimized on the SiteGround servers, so Apache, PHP and MySQL are ensured to be at the correct revision level.

Other website hosts require you to make numerous, sometimes complicated configuration settings to achieve the results necessary for the success of our clients. Don’t make any mistakes in this key area!

Can I Provide Input In The Design Process?

Not only can you, but we want you to! How else will we know what your needs are? We certainly don’t want to create a website that we think is great, but really doesn’t meet your business objectives. Your input will directly affect the success of your website project.

Can I Update My Own Site?

Yes you can. We can develop your website with the features and functionality to input your own content. We will work with you to help you understand what works and what doesn’t. Our process is intended to help you succeed with your new website.

Can I Have My Website Backed Up?

This is an excellent question! We take special care to provide you with a complete backup of your website when completed. We can also provide you weekly or monthly backups of your website for an additional fee if so desired.

How Will I know How My New Website Is Performing?

Each month we’ll provide you with a set of reports that detail performance statistics, such as overall hits on your website, where your website guests are located and more! We’re committed to helping you succeed with your new website.

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